PRACTICE TIMES: Weekday and evening time's  available.

SESSION DURATION: Private patients 55 minutes

Concession patients 40 minutes

COSTS: Private patients $220 (Medicare rebate $132.75 Out of Pocket $87.25 for maximum of ten sessions per year) Further (see note on safety net) unlimited sessions with a Medicare Rebate of $105.55

Concession patients  are bulk billed  for up to ten sessions per calendar year.

REFERRAL: No referral is required.

TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Please email Heather on

or send text message on 0412475145.

-include a contact phone number as Heather will always have a brief chat on the phone before making a first appointment.

LATE CANCELLATIONS: For cancellations with less than 24hrs notice there is a cancellation fee of $80.00. Please note that cancellation fee is an out of pocket cost, there are no rebates.


NOTE: Every one must register for this to receive it, either as a single or a family.

 After the SAFETY NET limit for medicare out of pocket costs has been reached, either for a single or a family,

80% of all medicare out of pocket costs will be payed for by medicare for the remainder of the year.