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Depression and/or Anxiety


Dr Heather Crockart

 GP Psychotherapist MBBS, FRCPA, MAACB, FRACGP,

 MGPP (Masters GP Psychiatry) Certificate Medical Hypnosis

Dr Heather Crockart has over thirty years experience as a General Medical Practitioner and

twenty years experience as a psychotherapist.—

Heather has completed her Masters in GP Psychiatry in 1999 and subsequently completed a certificate in medical Hypnosis. Heather has also completed training in various forms of Cognitive therapies.

Heather works with people suffering from depression, anxieties, relationship problems, grief and any emotional or psychological difficulty.

Heather prefers a non-pharmacological approach, though she can, and occasionally does prescribe medication as an adjunct to the primary talking therapy.

Of these talking therapies she favors the psychodynamic psychotherapeutic approach but also employs various cognitive methods. She essentially works eclectically, that is tailoring the method to individually suit each patient.

Heather also does hypnosis and has had success with this in conditions including, stopping smoking, weight loss, phobias, low self confidence, panic attacks, generalized anxiety and depression.

Heather will see teenagers but not very young children.

Heather practices psychotherapy in Brighton East.Daytime and evening appointment's are available.

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